Are you keeping in mind these pointers while writing your COPY?

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When you sit to write a COPY, rememeber that you’re writing to a person.

That person has his own Beliefs.

You need to address their Emotions.

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1) Let your audience know what you sell. Describe them your product/service.

You need to instill a sense of trust in them.

How can you do this?

a) Use authority

b) Use testimonials

c) Use success stories

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2) Show them a beautiful picture of how their life will change if they buy from you.

Transformation stories work best in this case.

For instance, you own an online portal which provides job opportunities to professionals. Just like Naukri.com, now there’s a person who is looking for a job. Let’s say his name is Harsh.

Harsh wants to work for a reputed company. He has applied for a job a 100 times but failed to secure a desired position.

You can give him examples of people whom you have helped acheive the same and how their life has transformed since then. Success Stories instill a sense of Hope and drives action.

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3) If you show them that 50 other people have already bought this and are happy with it; the chances of them taking action increases.

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4) The next point to keep in mind is that, people are intersted in knowing what’s in it for them?

So refrain from using technical terms.

Use a simple language which your audience understands.

And always repeat 10, 50 or 100 times; WHAT THEY WILL RECEIVE IF THEY CHOOSE YOU?

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5) The last and the most important thing is that you give them a permanent solution to their problems.

They have already tried various ways to get rid of their problems.


How are you going to Finally HELP THEM GET RID OF THEIR TROUBLES?

If you answer these concerns they are likely to trust you and buy from you.

If you keep these pointers in mind, you will be able to get into your target client’s minds.

Summary of Writing A Copy That SELLS!

  1. People buy from people they know, like and trust
  2. People buy promises of better future
  3. People buy what other people buy
  4. People buy benefits not features
  5. People buy solutions to their problems
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