Fashion Tips from a Common Girl’s Wardrobe.

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Fashion Tips from a common girl's wardrobe

One Saturday Morning I woke up with a headache. If I could grab a coffee and sit down for a while it would go away.

But you know what made the switch flip?

My new pair of bellbottoms. They looked at me through the glass of my wardrobe, waiting for me to slip into them and start my fabulous day.

I don’t know what is it with how you dress up for the day?

It changes your mood, it makes you feel alive and not forgetting the fact that it gives you better hopes of meeting someone interesting.

There pretty amazing women in my life, whom I admire for the way they carry themselves, for the way they support their dreams and, for the way they inspire me to do better every day.

Here’s a sneak-peak into a common girl’s wardrobe like you and me who get stuck on the TV screens when Gigi Hadid walks in a Balmain dress and when Adriana Lima woos her with those Balenciaga heels.

For all the times she wishes to have a Deepika look-book for her dinner date under the Eiffel tower. And all those other times when she wishes that Rihanna would like her style just like she liked Naomi Janumala’s.

From what I researched, Wardrobe Essentials of a common girl looks like this:

1) Fashion tips for a Sunny Day at Prague

fashion tips from a day at prague

She wanted to explore the streets of Prague that fine morning and wanted to be in her own element.

She opened her suitcase, paired her favorite cotton shorts with a striped shirt and made sure that she chose light colors because it was sunny out there and nobody likes to sweat.

She jumped into her flip flops and viola she was ready to see the historic city.

2) Wardrobe essentials for a party downtown

fashion tips from a party downtown

She had to go to an interesting party where she was going to meet someone she had been longing to meet.

She puts on black skinny jeans with a ribbed knit, off shoulder top.

A pair of black ankle boots to light up the look. And a black sling pouch with some shimmer tied around her wrist.

Well, you know what happens after you put on this amazing outfit.

3) The outfit you wear when he hasn’t told you where you’re going

fashion tips from a date night

It’s a surprise date night. You don’t know where he is taking you.

You don’t want to seem too casual if it’s a candlelight dinner and you don’t want to look too flashy if it’s just game night.

This is the outfit which will save your day. She slips into a pair of ripped jeans which shouts casual. And a one-shoulder top which seems sexy. The yellow color of her wedge heels steels the look.

It was the perfect outfit, by the way, they went go-karting and then on a dinner date.

We all have these basics in our wardrobe but still, we search for fashion and style tips from a Lakme Fashion Week. We fight to look like those models when we are pretty good at looking like ourselves.

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